COVID-19 NOTICE: Zac Coveney is currently unable to perform at live events due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please visit the Virtual page to find info about Virtual Magic Shows


Highly Regarded. Zac Coveney is highly regarded by everybody from the public to celebrities, world class athletes and some of the world's greatest magicians. Zac has an easy-going way of making friends with everyone and is sure to fit in at any event. He has performed countless shows all over Ireland over the last number of years for audiences of all backgrounds and sizes. As well as all of this, Zac Coveney has been featured nationally on radio and newspaper outlets, has been a contestant on Virgin Media's Ireland's Got Talent and is a popular choice among high profile clients.


Original. Zac Coveney's humorous, charming and truly astounding shows include his own unique and original magic effects as well as new takes on classics of magic that you will not see anywhere else. His audiences are consistently stunned and amazed by the originality of his work and the creativity in his presentation. His act is truly one-of-a-kind.

Interactive. Zac Coveney has mastered the art of attention-grabbing. His stage shows and walk-around magic are designed to engage the crowd through audience participation. Your guests don't just watch the show, they become part of the performance! Watch as your friends, family and colleagues get caught up in the act, adding an element of humour and a personal touch to every show. 

Flexible. Zac's performance is completely adaptive, and can be customised for any size venue or audience. No stage? No problem! Zac can perform just about anywhere in Ireland or abroad, and his walk-around magic is perfect for events that don't allow a dedicated show time. Zac Coveney's magic, humour and personalised presentation translates to audiences of all ages and people from all walks of life. 

Easy to Work With. Zac Coveney is many things - a magician, an entertainer, a mystery performer - but a diva he is not. All booking is done direct, not through a talent agent, and Zac provides all of his own props and materials*. As a one-man show, Zac can easily adapt to changing circumstances and he knows how to go with the flow. He is responsive, communicative and always professional. 

*Depending on your event, you may need to supply technical equipment such as microphones or PA Systems. Other than that, Zac Coveney will provide his own props and materials required to perform his act.

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