Zac Coveney has produced a wealth of work over the span of nearly a decade. He has single-handedly written, produced and performed three full length theatre shows in the last number of years, with aims to produce even more shows for theatre in the future. Zac Coveney also hopes to produce a video series showcasing his performances in the near future. Scroll down to see his previous work



A Series Of Magical Events

In 2021, Zac Coveney hosted a one of a kind Virtual Performance over Zoom. Throughout the show the audience were in control - they got to decide what happened throughout the show and each decision they made had an affect on the ending of the show.


Strange Magic

In 2020, Zac Coveney debuted Strange Magic at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland at Ireland's largest Performing Arts Festival. The performance explored the strange and unusual nature of Magic and Zac demonstrated some of his unusual skills throughout the event. 

Strange Magic.png



During his debut stage show, Zac Coveney took his audience on an adventure into the world of conmen, thieves and scam artists. He demonstrated the skills used by these criminals and showed what is possible when deceptive methods fall into the wrong hands.