APRIL 10th

19:30 GMT

A Series Of Magical Events


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Zac Coveney presents a new Virtual Experience

A Series of Magical Events is a unique magical experience.

Experience the Magic from the comfort of your own home as Zac Coveney guides you through the weird and wonderful world of magic while demonstrating his signature brand of unusual, off the wall magic

During the show there will be a number of choices to be made. This show is highly unique in that the audience make all of the choices. Each choice the audience make will have an effect on the ending of the show. Yes, you! You get to call the shots and make the decisions. Each choice the audience make will affect the ending of the show. No two shows will be the same!

This show is suitable for all ages and occasions and is guaranteed to amaze every audience

Suitable for most virtual platforms including Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and many more



In March of 2020, the world came to a standstill. The COVID-19 Pandemic spread rapidly across the world, forcing us all to stay indoors to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Entertainers and artists like me were no longer allowed to perform on stages and do what we love. We still can't... I haven't been on a stage since March of 2020. I miss it dearly. Over the last year, I've created a lot of new magic and completely changed the way I perform. But I have nobody to show these new ideas to! So I figured why not organise a virtual show? It gives me a chance to make magic again and it also gives you a chance to see new and exciting things you've never seen before and won't see again! 

My first public virtual show takes place on April 10th 2021 - Tickets are available via the link above or click here to be redirected to Eventbrite to purchase yours now!

I hope to start offering these shows for private events in Summer 2021, once I've ironed out all the creases and sorted out any potential issues. You can sign up to my mailing list by clicking here to register your interest in having a virtual show from me and to hear about everything I'm working on before anybody else does!

I hope to see you soon for A Series of Magical events...